Fixodent Pro Plus Best Hold for Dentures 40gr


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Unbeatable hold in Fixodent line-up: up to 88% of the initial hold at end of the day.

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Fixodent Pro Plus Best Hold for Dentures

Packaging: 40gr

Enjoy even the tough food with the strength of Fixodent Plus Best Hold* premium denture adhesive. Thanks to its unbeatable hold and concentrated formula that steadily releases adhesive agents, Fixodent Plus Best Hold ensures you will reach the end of the day with exceptional 88% of the initial holding power. It also provides 10x stronger hold, so your dentures stay secure at every moment and while eating every kind of food. Equipped with a regular nozzle for an easy application, Fixodent Plus Best Hold is also flavour-free and does not affect the taste of foods.

  • Unbeatable hold in Fixodent line-up: up to 88% of the initial hold at end of the day
  • Provides 10x stronger hold vs. no adhesive and keeps the dentures securely in place
  • Gives you the freedom of eating any kind of tough food due to the exceptional holding power
  • Acts as a cushion between gums and dentures, allowing for a customized fit
  • Easy to apply in thin strips, thanks to the regular nozzle
  • Flavour-free formula does not affect the taste of foods
  • Suitable for full and partial dentures

Unbeatable hold: 88% at the end of the day
Thanks to the concentrated formula which activates quickly after application, Fixodent PLUS Best Hold*Premium denture adhesive creates a strong bond between dentures and gums. It also steadily releases adhesive agents, providing up to 88% of the initial hold after a day-long wear.

10x stronger hold vs no adhesive
Fixodent PLUS Best Hold* provides 10x stronger hold* and great comfort throughout the day. It keeps dentures securely in place and allows for a snug and comfortable fit at every moment.

Regular nozzle for application in thin strips
To achieve the best hold and comfortable wear, apply thin strips of the adhesive as shown on pack. Make sure the adhesive is not too close to the edges of the denture to avoid oozing. Can be freely used on both full and partial dentures.

Fixodent PLUS Best Hold* is flavour-free so it does not affect the taste of foods. This way you can enjoy the true flavour of your favourite meals also when wearing a denture.


How To Use
  1. Clean & Dry Dentures
  2. Apply Adhesives in thin stripes as shown
  3. Insert Dentures and hold briefly in place
  4. Before removing your dentures, rinse your mouth with warm water. Apply a soft rocking motion and remove your denture. Keep your denture moist when not in use.


Calcium/ Zinc PVM/MA Copolymer (35%), Paraffinum Liquidum, Cellulose Gum (20%), Petrolatum, Silica, CI 45410.

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