Endwarts Pen Warts Therapy 3ml


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It dries the warts from the inside painlessly & effectively

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Endwarts Pen Warts Therapy

Packaging: 3ml


EndWarts is a new, effective topical solution for removing ants from hands, feet and body.

It contains formic acid, which dries the ant from the inside. The body then gently expels the ant.

Formic acid is a biodegradable organic acid, which occurs exactly the same in nature. Formic acid is corrosive by nature, however in the treatment of ants formic acid acts as a dehydrator.

This active substance has been shown to be highly effective in fighting ants in many clinical studies. A clinical study in which formic acid was used for treatment showed that 92% of subjects were free of ants within 12 treatments. On average, 4-5 treatments were needed.

Basic features:

  • It works within seconds.
  • The solution is immediately absorbed by the ant and leaves no traces on the skin.
  • The application is not painful and the solution can also be applied to thin skin.
  • It is suitable for diabetics
  • It can be used in small children.
How To Use

Carefully press the tip of the pen into the surface of the ant, lightly for 1” and repeat. Apply once a week. Usually 5-15 applications are required.
Do not use for ringworm or warts on the face or genitals.
For use in children under 4 years of age, consult your doctor.
Do not cover the treated wart with a pad or patch.
Store in an upright position with the lid down.

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