Durex Jeans Condoms 3pcs


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Durex Jeans Condoms

Packaging: 3pcs

Why You Will Love It:

  • Durability, reliability, superiority since 1929
  • Latex condoms with easier application
  • Gentle silicone lubricant

Durex Jeans condoms are even easier to wear and like your favorite jeans, they offer comfort and pleasure. Offering you all the reliable protection you expect from Durex, with the right shape, these condoms have been pre-lubricated with silicone lubricant for a more silky and sensual experience. Remember that no method of contraception offers 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases. It’s good to be informed, so read the information included, especially if you use condoms for anal or oral sex.

  • Latex condoms with classic silicone lubricant
  • Easy application Easy-on, sperm end (nipple shaped)
  • Large diameter Large (nominal width: 56mm)
  • Durex quality: 100% electronically tested with 5 additional quality controls performed in each batch. They are also dermatologically tested.

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