Aftamed Shield Oral Gel 8 ml



Aftamed Shield is a gel with a specially concentrated formula designed for large, painful mouth ulcers.

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  • High- density concentrated oral gel
  • For large and painful mouth ulcers
  • With hyaluronic acid
  • Healing and anti-inflammatory action
  • Formation of adhesive film for protection
  • Immediate pain relief in 4 hours
  • Avoid extra inflammation and stress

It has a high level of mucosal adhesion, resulting in the formation of a film that isolates and protects injured tissues from additional stress (rubbing, saliva, food, etc.). This enhances the bioavailability of the hyaluronic acid it contains, allowing intensive tissue hydration and preventing the development of inflammation.

Aftamed Shield contains hyaluronic acid (sodium salt) with a high molecular weight of 600mg / 100gr and polycarbophil, which have healing and anti-inflammatory action and contribute to the formation of a mucous film for protection and rapid relief in just 4 hours.

Harmless if swallowed.

How To Use

It is advisable to repeat the application of Aftamed Shield 2-3 times a day, or more often if necessary, until the symptoms disappear. In case of a large ulcer, please ensure that its entire surface is adequately covered.


Main ingredients: hyaluronic acid (sodium salt) high molecular weight 600mg / 100gr, polycarbophil


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