WaterWipes Baby Wipes 60pcs


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Baby Wipes with 99.9% Water and One Drop of Grapefruit!

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Baby very soft wet cleaning wipes for the care and protection of newborns and infants from dry skin and irritation. Ideal for the sensitive and soft skin of our babies.


  • Cleanses: in a single sweep, dirt accumulated in everyday life is gently cleansed and the skin is purified.
  • Moisturizes: the moisturizing agents associated with Calendula hydrate and protect the skin from drying out.
  • Softens: used on the body, these cleansing wipes soothe irritations when changing nappies or wiping, and soften the skin without leaving a sticky finish.
How To Use
  • As often as necessary
  • Cleanse with one or more wipes until the skin is clean. No need to rinse.




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