Thea Synapsis Thealoz Duo 10 ml



Thealoz Duo is indicated for moderate to severe dry eye disease.

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Thea Synapsis Thealoz Duo

Packaging: 10ml

Thealoz® Duo is an original tear substitute with a unique natural composition. The combination of two natural ingredients, Hyaluronic acid and Trehalose, offer maximum hydration and lubrication of the ocular surface in patients from mild to severe dry eye. Hyaluronic acid is a biopolymer with the ability to retain large amounts of water and at the same time adhere to the ocular surface giving greater hydration and lubrication. At the same time, trehalose enhances the prolonged action of hyaluronic acid, resulting in a reduction of instillations by up to 50%. In dry eye, extreme conditions prevail on the ocular surface, such as hyperosmotic and dry environment, which result in the cells dehydrating and falling off, resulting in inflammation in the area. Trehalose enters the epithelial cells and protects the cell membrane from water loss and proteins from denaturation, thus avoiding osmotic stress and dehydration of the cells. Both hyaluronic acid and trehalose help in migration, adhesion, proliferation and protection of ocular surface cells. The regenerative and healing action of Thealoz® Duo make it an ideal preparation after eye surgeries and injuries. Finally, Thealoz® Duo solution is hypotonic to offer relief and protection to contact lens wearers, without affecting soft lenses due to lack of preservatives.

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