Relife Relizema Cream 100ml



Helps to restore the normal skin barrier.

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Relife Relizema Cream

Packaging: 100ml

Relizema cream is indicated for the treatment of itching and erythema associated with various types of dermatitis, including atopic and contact dermatitis.
With the dermatoprotective action, it contributes to the maintenance and restoration of the normal skin barrier.
Its composition protects and moisturizes the skin with a soothing effect.


How To Use

In case of dermatitis or erythema, apply Relizema cream on the affected area two or three times a day, as required.


Palmitate furfural which has antioxidant properties. It brings relief to the skin, with obvious, rapid reduction of inflammation and soothing action.
99.5% plant extract glycerin, effectively treats dry skin and impaired skin barrier function, as in atopic dermatitis
Vitamin E with antioxidant properties that acts protectively at the level of cell membrane and in the outer layer of the skin.

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