Plac Away Eco Flosser 30pcs


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Easily remove food debris between teeth even when away from home with Plac Away Eco Flosser.

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Plac Away Eco Flosser

Packaging: 30pcs

Quick and easy flossing while you are away from home is the key to a cool and clean, confident smile, anywhere. The ecological dental floss Plac Away Eco Flossers is carefully designed and made from recycled plastic, giving you another reason to have a big smile.

  • Made of Super TufFloss® that does not loosen, fray or break
  • It has a protected folding cleaning glyph
  • With a refreshing mint flavor for a cool, clean smile
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Easy to use

Easily remove food debris between teeth even when away from home with Plac Away Eco Flosser. With a cool mint flavor, this floss provides you with a feeling of freshness, while keeping your smile clean and healthy. The high-performance Super TufFloss® dental floss removes food debris even from the teeth at the narrowest intervals between them, without breaking or fraying. It has a protected folding cleaning scraper, which helps you remove any food debris in an instant. The Plac Away Eco Flossers dental floss is ideal for those moments when you are away from home, without access to a toothbrush or sink. Make sure you have a pack in your bag, car or office drawer for a cool and clean smile wherever you are, or just use it at home for your daily floss cleaning.

  • Handle made of 100% recycled plastic
  • Packaging from 100% recyclable material


How To Use

Carefully insert the floss into the space between the teeth and gently slide it up and down. Never try to force the floss into very narrow interdental spaces. The yarn is specially designed so that it does not loosen, wear or break. Can be used more than once. Rinse with water if necessary.

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