NUK Silicone Pacifier Disney Dumbo (6-18m)


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NUK Disney Classics Trendline Silicone pacifier made of BPA Free materials.

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NUK Silicone Pacifier Disney Dumbo (6-18m)

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NUK takes you and your little one on a very special journey: in vast forest lands and on the colorful circus stage you can discover the Disney characters Bambi and Dumbo, who are loved all over the world. The adorable illustrations of the little elephant with the big ears and the clumsy little fawn enchant the world of NUK products. For our little ones there are many exciting adventures to live every day. That’s why the pacifier is a trusted friend that gives your baby security and calms him down. Regardless of whether your baby becomes restless due to unfamiliar faces, sounds or some foreign environment, he will immediately calm down due to the soothing and instinctive sucking of the pacifier. In order to continuously improve the feeling of comfort, NUK, creator of the orthodontic shaped pacifier, has improved even more its original shape. It simulates a woman’s breast during breastfeeding and adapts perfectly to the baby’s mouth. The special feature of this pacifier is that it is particularly thin and narrow to reduce pressure on the teeth and jaw.


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