NUK Nature Sense Baby Bottle – Medium Teat (0-6m) 120ml


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It gives the baby a similar feeling to the breast.

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NUK Nature Sense Baby Bottle- Medium Teat (0-6m)

Packaging: 120ml


  • Even smoother and more natural flow thanks to the plethora of tiny holes, which resemble the milky pores of the breast
  • The wide and flexible nipple base as well as the very soft area (Softzone) – now even softer – give a feeling of intimacy, similar to that of the breast
  • Anti-Colic Air System: To avoid swallowing air – for a happy belly
  • 120ml, size S with 3 holes (for slow flow rate)

High quality durable borosilicate glass bottle.
It’s so good that the NUK Nature Sense Baby Bottle gives the baby a breast-like feeling 90% of babies “agree” with this. * Of course, not in words, but by accepting the NUK Nature Sense without problems, as well as the alternation between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Necessary help for moms who deserve a break, for dads who want to feed their baby, but also during the weaning period.



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