NUK Breast Pads High Performance 30pcs


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NUK High Performance breast pads. They give you peace of mind and a soft feeling like a caress on the skin.


NUK Breast Pads High Performance

Packaging: 30 Pieces

Because you deserve the best. Offer your precious milk to your baby. That’s why we offer you the best breast pad ever made. To be sure that not even a drop of milk will end up on your clothes. You will hardly feel it, because it is very gentle on your skin. And of course you can be sure that it won’t slip. The new NUK High Performance breast pads have a completely redesigned micro-beaded instant absorption surface that is 40% more absorbent and safely retains moisture. A specially constructed inner layer ensures optimal absorption and distribution of liquid. Thanks to their anatomical 3D shape, NUK High Performance breast pads gently fit your chest, as their breathable material hugs your skin like silk.

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