ntermed Ergonomic InterBrush Mini Size 8pcs



Cleaning of interdental spaces & orthodontic mechanisms.

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The Ergonomic InterBrush Mini are brushes for the effective cleaning of interdental spaces & hard-to-reach places from food residues & the removal of gingival microbial plaque.
With a special anatomical handle for easier access to hard-to-reach interdental spaces.
How To Use
Carefully insert the brush into the interdental spaces and apply a gentle back-and-forth motion. After use, wash with water and dry the brush so you can use it again next time.
Caution: People with narrow interdental spaces should not apply pressure when brushing, because gum injury may occur. Brushing should be done in a back-and-forth direction. Excessive force and bending of the wire can lead to wire wear, which can cause injury.

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