Mind the Gum Mind Multivitamin In The Form Of Gum 9pcs



Convenient supplements in mint flavor chewing gum with  Vitamins, Caffeine and Antioxidants.

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Mind is the first chewing gum supplement with 15 active components including caffeine, vitamins and antioxidants for concentration and rapid release mental energy . 2 chewing gums contain the caffeine of 1 coffee or 1 energy drink, theanine from green tea and many more vitamins!
Combination of Caffeine and Theanine activates attention and mental energy and, thanks to the rapid release, maintains concentration, fighting mental tiredness for longer.

The balanced formulation with 15 active components represents a useful fuel for maintaining the state of well-being of our mind.

How To Use

Use Mind when you want a morning boost or when you need a post-lunch snack. Even in the evening when you want to stay clear or drive for a long time!

We recommend taking 3 gummies per day.

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