Mey Epicrin Nutritional Supplement 30 caps



Nutritional Supplement. Contributes to the Protection & Rejuvenation of Hair & Nails.

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Mey Epicrin Nutritional Supplement

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EPICRIN CAPSULES is a nutritional supplement for strong, healthy hair and nails. EPICRIN CAPSULES contain a rich combination of active ingredients, necessary for the health of the scalp and nails. Its main ingredient is zinc, which is in protein form and is completely absorbed by the body. The protein compounds of zinc together with copper sulfate inhibit the mechanism of induction of inflammatory processes in the scalp and effectively slow down cell overproduction.
Also, the combination of zinc with minerals, trace elements and vitamins contained in the dietary supplement EPICRIN CAPSULES, restores the biological balance of hair and skin and regulates sebum secretion. The Biotin content is essential for the composition of the hair and the growth of the scalp, while L-Cystein effectively nourishes the hair follicle. Finally, the combination of the ingredients Dexpanthenol and Wheat Germ Oil contributes with its antioxidant and regenerative action, to the formation of new cells.

Suitable for weak and damaged hair, for cases of hair loss and other disorders of the scalp (dandruff, seborrhea, hair growth disorders, dryness, damaged hair by endogenous and exogenous factors), and on the recommendation of your doctor or treating physician.

How To Use

They are taken orally, 1 to 2 capsules daily, before meals. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. EPICRIN CAPSULES supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. It is administered on the recommendation of a doctor.


Zinc Complex – Inhibition of inflammatory processes in the scalp, restoration of biological balance and regulation of sebum secretion.
Biotin – Essential for hair formation and growth
L – Cystein – Essential and basic ingredient of keratin for skin, hair and nails
Dexpanthenol – Moisturizing action, stabilization of skin barrier function
Wheat Germ Oil – Antioxidant action
Vitamin A Palmitate – Regenerative, antioxidant action

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