Mesauda Cult Creamy Lipstick 3.5gr



Creamy lipstick, with a highly blendable texture and intense luminosity. Lips are instantly enveloped with full and even color in a single swipe.

Thanks to its moisturizing, emollient and emollient ingredients, CULT Creamy helps fight dryness and chapped lips, making them smoother and softer.
With CULT Creamy, the lips are immediately surrounded by a full and homogeneous color, from the very first application. Its texture, soft and moisturizing, contains a special polymer that gives the lips a pleasant feeling of comfort over time.
The secret lies in the innovative formula, which contains:
– A blend of ultra-glossy refractive polymers: comfortable and smooth to apply, it wraps the lips in a brilliant color for an ultra-smooth makeup effect.
– A combination of waxes with low and high melting points: a comfortable creamy film that adheres perfectly to the lips.
– Specially coated pigments: instant color release: intense performance with just one application.
Creamy lipsticks are the ideal choice to have super shiny and at the same time healthy and “fluffy” lips.
How To Use
  • Apply to the upper lip, starting from the centre towards the outer corners.
  • Then apply to the lower lip, starting from the corners towards the centre of the mouth.
For a high definition result, outline the lips with a pencil of the corresponding colour before applying the lipstick.