Mam Glass Bottle Feel Good 0m 380SU Cream 90ml



Baby’s first glass bottle

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Mam Glass Bottle Feel Good 0m 380SU Cream

Packaging: 90ml


Forest animals decorate the new matt baby bottles!

MAM’s Feel Good baby bottle is made of Premium glass, extremely resistant to high temperatures. It heats up quickly, is dishwasher safe and can be sterilized at high temperatures.

  • Ergonomic shape for good grip
  • Wide neck for comfortable meal preparation and easy washing
  • Distinctive climates on the back for accurate measurement
  • With a SkinSoft silicone nipple for a sense of intimacy
How To Use

▪ Before each use, disassemble and wash the product with
warm water and soap. Rinse it thoroughly with running water before use
sterilization, to ensure absolute hygiene. Avoid
ingredients in the detergent such as alcohol, bleach and
microplastics. Do not leave items with detergent, for
example in soapy water, longer time
from the proposed as its operation may be affected
baby bottle.
▪ Check all parts of the bottle before each use and pull
the nipple in every direction. Replace them at the first indication
wear, cracking or if you notice glass fragments in or
out of the bottle.

Aditional Information

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