Lanova Castor Oil 50ml



It is a product of excellent quality castor oil according to the specifications of the pharmacopoeia.

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Castor oil is an active laxative with ingredients that affect the large and small intestines.

It has been used to cleanse the bowels after food poisoning and to relieve constipation. It is sometimes given in hospitals to prepare the abdomen of patients before X-rays of the colon and kidneys.

Due to its characteristics, Castor oil is considered an ideal oil for deep cleansing and skin care. It is considered particularly suitable in cases of acne and eczema. Its action is particularly effective in deep cleansing of sebum, in softening hard nipples and in general in dealing with pimples.

In addition, castor oil is particularly rich in Omega-9 fatty acids, which exhibit remarkable anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. For this reason, in recent years, Castor oil has become particularly popular for the treatment of serious skin diseases such as e.g. it’s acne.

At the same time, castor oil is a first-class moisturizing product, as it has the property of “trapping” the skin’s moisture – preventing dehydration and premature aging.

It is also used topically to treat calluses (calluses) and remove calluses. Due to its high content of vitamin E, it is considered an active element to combat skin aging.

In addition, it is applied to the treatment of lichens, abscesses, bruises, dry skin, dermatitis, sunburns, open ulcers and other skin diseases. Other uses include making hair growth stimulants, cosmetics and contraceptive ointments and gels.

It is particularly popular in the treatment of eyebrows and eyelashes, and more and more women are using it for this purpose in recent years.

How To Use
  • Excellent emollient, suitable for very dry, damaged and sensitive skin.
  • It is an ingredient in various cosmetic products.
  • Suitable for massage.
  • Relieves minor irritations.

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