Labo Cadu-Crex Anti Hair Loss Shampoo For Men 150ml (Stage: Serious)


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Patented anti hair loss shampoo available for all stages of hair loss!

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Labo Cadu-Crex Anti Hair Loss Shampoo For Men(Stage: Serious)

Packaging: 150ml

Cadu-Crex Anti Hair Loss Shampoo is a specially designed anti-hair loss shampoo. Contains the active ingredient with the low molecular weight active ingredients of Cadu-Crex Anti Hair Loss treatment. It actively and effectively contributes to the reduction of hair loss, while properly preparing the scalp and enhancing the action of Cadu-Crex treatment. It is an excellent daily cleanser for hair. Effectively eliminates dirt and sebum without causing dry skin. Gives volume and shine to the hair. Cadu-Crex shampoo is available for 3 stages of hair loss and in a specially designed male and female composition.


Hydroxyprolin, Aspartic Acid, Taurine & Enzyme Activator: Active molecules against hair loss. They work by enhancing the adhesion of the hair in its natural position while at the same time they face the loss of elasticity that inevitably loosens the connection of the hair shaft to the hair follicle.Proline, Glycogen, Baikalin and White Lupine proteins: The Crescina Follicular Islands action complex with the specially designed ingredients of the patented composition enhances the structure and functions of the parts of the islet. Each ingredient contributes to the optimal preservation and activation of the anatomical parts of the islet, in order to prevent premature detachment and apoptosis of the hair Cysteine, Lysine and Glycoprotein: The Crescina HFSC Growth Complex (20%) to combine anti-hair loss action with hair growth activating action Glutamine: Promotes the health and growth of hair (contained in the female composition)Vitamin H: It is a form of glutamic acid and is a type of fuel for the hair follicle (contained in the female composition).

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