Kyritsis Orliman Breathable Thumb Immobilizing Splint



The Orliman M-760 wrist immobilizer is made of soft, breathable material.

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Kyritsis Orliman M-770 Breathable Thumb Immobilizing Splint (04366)

Packaging: 1 pc

The splint is made of breathable velour, which has orifices on the surface to facilitate the movement of air. With an immobiliser system which consists of a malleable aluminium splint which can be shaped to the morphology of the patient. Bilateral design which can be adapted for both the left and right hand. Closing system with a velour strap, and hook closure.

  • Color: gray – orange
  • Indications:Tendonitis. Painfull or swollen sequelae. Instability of the trapeziummetacarpal joints. Sports injuries (eg.: skier’s thumb). Irritations of the trapeziummetacarpal joints. Immobilization of the trapeziummetacarpal joint (Thumb rhizarthrosis).
  • Sizes: No1 (14-18cm), No2 (18-22cm). Wrist circumference in cm.
  • Suitable for both hands.

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