Imdk Fingertip Pulse Oximeter C101A2


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IMDK C101A2 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter for immediate and accurate oximetry measurement in 8 seconds with a measurement range of 70%~90% and an error range of ±2%!

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Imdk Fingertip Pulse Oximeter C101A2

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The IMDK C101A2 finger oximeter uses the latest oxygen sensor technology, accurately displays readings in 8 seconds while the error range is ±2%. The screen of the IMDK C101A2 pulse oximeter shows the heart rate, diffusion index, blood oxygen level and oxygen saturation graph (SpO2 graph). The IMDK C101A2 finger pulse oximeter supports different finger sizes (eg thumb or big toe for children). The measurement process starts with the push of a button while the oximeter turns off automatically after 8 seconds of inactivity. It also has an alarm that informs about low or high oxygen level and low or high heart rate level.

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