GUM Bi-Direction Interdental Brush 6pcs



Dual position brush with an ergonomic handle for easy access to  back teeth and superior comfort and control.


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GUM Bi-Direction Interdental Brush

Packaging: 6 pcs

Were you aware there are places your toothbrush just cannot go? Our innovative dual position interdental brush allows you to gently and effectively clean where your toothbrush alone can’t. It helps remove food debris and plaque between the teeth, achieving a deeper clean so you can feel fresher and cleaner throughout the day. The dual position head allows you to easily reach all areas of your mouth with superior comfort and control, back teeth included. Our proprietary triangular bristles remove 25% more plaque than ordinary bristles. Thanks to a coated wire and rounded tip, this brush is ideal for tender gums and sensitive teeth. Its ergonomic, soft rubber handle allows you to comfortably and easily manoeuvre the brush. You’ll find this brush easy to use even if you have a bridge, implants or orthodontic appliance.GUM BI-DIRECTION comes in 5 sizes so you’re sure to find the right fit for you, whether you have tiny or wide interdental spaces. We recommend keeping it handy next to your toothbrush so you can use it at least once a day, before brushing – to complete your daily self-care ritual! This interdental brush has an antibacterial bristle coating and protection cap so you can use it for up to a week.

  • 25% more plaque removal thanks to proprietary triangular bristles
  • Can be used for up to 1 week thanks to an antibacterial bristle coating and protection cap
  • Designed for gum comfort with a gentle coated wire and rounded tip
  • Available in 3 sizes to accommodate different interdental spaces: ISO 0-4

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