Froika Premium Serum 30ml



Multifunctional Revitalizing serum that illuminates, deeply hydrates and rebalances the skin microbiome for an immediate glow boost!

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Froika Premium Serum

Packaging: 30ml

Versatile rejuvenating serum that instantly brightens the skin, deeply hydrates and balances the skin’s microbiome.

  • Increase in skin density, consistency and elasticity
  • Luster and color uniformity
  • Reduction of fine lines and signs of aging
  • Reduction of expression lines
  • Strengthening of collagen
  • Powerful protection against signs of premature aging and photoaging
  • Reducing acne-causing bacteria
  • Balancing the microbiome of mature skin
How To Use

Apply to face, neck and decollete morning and night, after cleansing and before moisturising. Use on its own or underneath your favourite moisturiser. Avoid the eye area. It can be applied after invasive treatments to enhance the effect.


• 15% stabilized Vitamin C (Ethyl ascorbic acid: an exceptionally efficient and stable form of Vitamin C), an essential antioxidant well known that reverses multiple signs of ageing, boosts collagen production , helps brighten dull skin, reduce the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation, and significantly reduce acne bacteria.
• 0.5% hyaluronic acid that attracts up to 1000 times its weight in water and offers long lasting hydration and visible replumping of the skin, leading to smoother, softer, healthier skin.
• Yeast isolated from the nectar of porcelain flower, Hoya carnosa, that rebalances the microbiota of mature skin
• Ectoin and peptides that strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and work as total skin defenders against photo-ageing, DNA damage and pollution.

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