Froika Anti-Pigment Eye Cream 15ml



Eye cream with action against dark spots, dark circles, and puffiness under the eyes.

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Anti-Pigment eye cream with action against dark spots, dark circles, and puffiness under the eyes. Enriched with Asperidin + Caffeine, it has strong antioxidant and depigmenting properties. Gives a restful and fresh look to epidermis and eliminates the pigments responsible for the color of dark circles and inflammation.
Recommended for: Spots, freckles, discoloration, hyperpigmentation
Available size: 15 ml


  • Pigmented spots (Freckles – melasma – freckles)
  • Age spots ( actinic keratosis – age spots)
  • Post-inflammatory hyperplasia
  • Pregnancy spots (chloasma)
  • Discoloration, dark circles, puffiness under the eyes


  • It reduces the intensity and number of already existing spots and protects against the appearance of new ones
  • It offers shine and homogeneity of the color tone of the skin
  • It inhibits the action of tyrosinase and, in stages, of melanosynthesis
  • Removal of dead cells
  • Cellular renewal
  • Reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes
How To Use

Apply to the entire eye area morning and night. It can be used after invasive treatments, to enhance & maintain the result.


Resorcinol: Inhibits the synthesis of melanin and maintains the color uniformity of the skin
Caffeine in liposomes: Penetrates the lower layers of the skin and fights the appearance of puffiness and dark circles in the area around the eyes, reducing water retention
Hesperidin: Brightens the skin by reducing the synthesis of melanin
Niacinamide: has strong antioxidant and depigmenting properties

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