Frezyderm Skin Cleanser pH 6 125ml



Cleansing, hydrating, refatting and deodorizing!

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Frezyderm Skin Cleanser pH 6

Packaging : 125ml

This gentle face and body cleanser offers microbial protection with mild antiseptic action, containing emollients, surfactants and other moisturizing agents, making it suitable for cleansing sensitive skin on all areas of the body.

Suitable for:
All ages
All skin types
Cleansing face, body and genital area
Using after any activity

Parabens free.
Dermatologically tested.
Ideal for everyday use

How To Use

Gently rub onto to wet skin. Rinse and dry thoroughly.


Mild surfactants: Effective cleansing
Wheat proteins: Moisturizing | Emollient, antiphlogistic action
Broad spectrum antiseptic: Suppress the growth of germs
Relipidants | Panthenol | Calcium pantothenate | Nicotinamide: Respect the hydrolipid film

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