Frezyderm Every Day Use Shampoo 200ml (+ Extra 100ml)


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Shampoo for mild cleansing, strength, shine & anti-pollution protection!

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Frezyderm Every Day Use Shampoo

Packaging: 200ml

A mild shampoo, with a neutral PH, that gently cleanses and protects the hair and scalp from environmental pollution. Enriched with plant extracts that boosts the hair’s strength and shine. Continued use will help delicate, limp and weak hair gain shine, volume and luster.
Suitable for

  • Fragile hair
  • Dull, weak hair
  • Parabens, alcohol, colorants & preservatives free.
  • Dermatologically tested
How To Use
  • Daily use.
  • Use a small amount and lather with some water. Repeat once more, if needed.
  • Tip: During shampooing lightly massage the scalp with circular motions, as forcefully rubbing your hair can cause it to weaken.


Mild cleansing agents: Gentle cleansing
Plant extracts: Strength | Shine
Moringa Extract: Protection against pollution | Deep cleansing

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