Frezyderm Atoprel Barrier Cream 150ml



Protective cream that treats and protects atopic eczema-prone skin during nappy changes.

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Frezyderm Atoprel Barrier Cream 

Packaging: 150ml

Protective cream for the treatment of dry, sensitive, fragile skin with atopic predisposition. It absorbs the moisture trapped in the skin folds and provides bacterial protection.

  • Reduction
  • Hydration
  • Strengthening of the skin barrier
  • Protection

Dual innovation formula:

  • Zinc Oxide & 20% Functional Lipid Content (F.L.C.) for moisture absorption, rejuvenation and improvement of atopic skin
  • 55% Non-Volatile Content (N.V.C.) to reduce dryness

Suitable for:

  • Infants, children, adults.
  • Face and body diaper area.


How To Use

Apply to dry and clean skin 2-3 times a day or as directed by your doctor.


Hordeum vulgare, Shea butter, Argania spinosa, Passiflora incarnata: Relief | Comfort | Regeneration of irritated skin
Zinc oxide: Creating a barrier film

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