Fito+ Promo pack Aloe Vera 24-hour Herbal Face, Eye & Neck Cream 50ml & Herbal serum 30ml.



Cell regeneration – anti-aging – antioxidant action – hydration.

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ALOE herbal face, eye & neck serum & 24-hour herbal aloe face, eye & neck cream

The antioxidant effect of aloe is known and supports the antiaging of the skin. It contains amino acids, anthraquinones, enzymes, trace elements, monosaccharides and polysaccharides, vitamins. The phytosterols it contains have a soothing effect, while the mucopolysaccharides of aloe provide strong, long-lasting hydration. In the aloe range, it contains the herbal bioactive DayMoist CLR from hydrolyzed corn starch and beet root extract*. It improves hydration levels both in the keratin layer and in the deeper layers. Strengthens the epidermal barrier while facilitating the normal exfoliation of dead skin cells.

*Ingredient with clinically proven effectiveness


Organic aloe juice, Herbal Bioactive DayMoist CLR (from hydrolyzed corn starch and beet root extract), Calendula, Cucumber, Sea buckthorn, Honey, Vitamin complex.

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