Elgydium Sensitive Toothpaste (-50% on Second Product) 2x75ml



Binds firmly to the enamel to help remineralise, strengthen and protect the teeth.

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ELGYDIUM SENSITIVE is a low-abrasion toothpaste gel with just the right fluoride content to effectively protect sensitive teeth (1250 ppm fluoride ions) so that you can enjoy hot or cold, acidic or sweet food and drink again.

  • Helps more fluoride bind to the enamel
  • Gel formulation for greater comfort

ELGYDIUM Sensitive toothpaste gel is smooth, non-abrasive and protects the particularly fragile surface of sensitive teeth. Used for regular brushing, this toothpaste gel contains mostly soluble substances that can penetrate the interdental spaces, pits, fissures and the gum margin, for greater protection.

How To Use

For brushing after every meal, with a soft toothbrush. In the case of fluoride supplements from other sources, consult a dentist or doctor.


Fluorinol (nicomethanol hydrofluoride, 1250 ppm fluoride ions, patented.

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