Elgydium Brilliance & Care 30ml



Get rid of stubborn stains from your teeth.

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Elgydium Brilliance & Care

Packaging: 30ml

Elgydium Brilliance & Care toothpaste is designed to be used twice a week, so as to remove stubborn stains from the surface of the teeth.
Its unique composition that combines inorganic and plant silicon, cleans the surface of the tooth and protects the enamel.


How To Use

Instructions for use:
Elgydium Brilliance & Care is used twice a week instead of the regular toothpaste, following the regular brushing technique


Fluorinol® (nicomethanol hydrofluoride 1350 ppm fluoride ions),
It binds to the enamel to contribute to the re-metallization, the strengthening and the protection of the teeth.
Inorganic silicon:
Extra effective cleansing action
Removes stains
Vegetable silicon:
Fine particles
Strong polishing action

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