Chicco Pacifier All Silicone Physio Mini Soft 2-6M Phosphorescent 2Pcs 73231-41



Perfect fitting for smaller babies

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Chicco PhysioForma Mini Soft Pacifier

Specially designed for smaller babies, the Chicco PhysioForma Mini Soft pacifiers are one-piece, 100% silicone, easy to clean and sterilize.
Its small, ergonomic and particularly light design ensures maximum acceptance, as it is very easy for the baby to hold it.
The super soft and silky finish is designed not to disturb the baby even during sleep and not to leave pacifier marks on the face.
The Chicco PhysioForma Mini Soft pacifier is made of 100% silicone: a healthy and non-deformable material chosen by parents for its practicality. The exclusive SOFT SENSE finish makes it soft and silky.
All Chicco pacifiers are PhysioForma: a unique nipple shape that helps position the tongue forward and upward for a natural airway opening: PhysioForma is the pacifier shape developed by Chicco to support his breathing baby and promoting mouth development.

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