Bionike Defence Color Second Skin Compact Foundation



Creamy formula that offers a matte finish, like a second skin.

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Bionike Defence Color Second Skin Compact Foundation

With easy and pleasant application, it offers a fresh, natural and flawless result. It gives a feeling of comfort that lasts all day. Ideal for quick freshening, thanks to the practical package with a mirror and a sponge (without natural latex allergens). SPF 20.

Tested for Chromium, Nickel and Cobalt

Preservative Free

Fragrance Free

Gluten Free

Recommended for even skin tone,covering small imperfections with a second skin effect.

How To Use

Apply evenly to the face using the sponge in the package or with the foundation brush, spreading towards the neck.


Cocoa lipid extract:
contains special biolipids that smooth the surface of the skin.
Moringa oleifera oil:
effective emollient that strengthens and protects the skin from environmental damage (antipollution).
Vitamin E:
protects against damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress.
Texture improving agents:
micro-powders that make it easier to spread the product on the skin during application.

Aditional Information

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