Benostan Procto Cream for Hemorrhoids 28gr


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Benostan Procto Cream is a Herbal Treatment for Hemorrhoids.

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The most recognized herbal remedy for hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids are varicose dilation of the veins of the anus and are divided into internal and external anal ring .

The skin on swollen, irritated and bleed easily , creating pain and itching . Symptoms are exacerbated by poor diet , constipation , a sedentary lifestyle and often pregnancy , since the weight of the body and the fetus putting pressure on the veins of the anal ring , making them swell .

Solution :

Quick relief of local symptoms of hemorrhoids .

The procto contains pure plant extracts such as olive oil , calendula , St. John’s wort , mastic , sage and beeswax , in combination with an effective anti-inflammatory , antibacterial and healing properties . Not based on chemicals or cortisone and contains local anesthetic , so it can be used safely during pregnancy .

How To Use

Apply the product on the anal area and gently massage.

You can apply it twice a day.

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