Babyderm hydrating Face & Body Cream Tube 125ml



Moisturizing and protective face & body cream for daily use.

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Babyderm hydrating & Protective body cream  is a rich cream for intensive hydration, nourishment and protection of the sensitive baby and child skin. Its enhanced composition of Ω3 & Ω6 essential fatty acids enhances the integrity of the epidermal barrier against everyday factors that tend to disrupt its structure and function

Packaging: 125ml

How To Use

Use :

Application of Babyderm Hydrating & Protective body cream  to the desired area with gentle massage until it is fully absorbed.


Based on the Ω3 and Ω6 essential fatty acids, 4% zinc oxide (ZnO), extracts of dermocosmetic herbs (chamomile, liquoricea, borage, wildflower, calendula, allantoin, α-bisabolol), wheat proteins and dermoprotective vitamins (panthenol, vitamin E)

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