Alcon Tears Naturale II Med Artificial Tears 15ml



For the relief of various irritating syndromes of dry eye.

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Alcon Tears Naturale II Med Artificial Tears

Packaging: 15ml

It is a sterile ophthalmic solution with an original composition. Due to the soothing and soothing properties of its ingredients (DUASORB) but also due to the preservative of POLYQUAD, it is used to relieve the eyes from mild irritations of any etiology and dry eyes. TEARS NATURALE II contains the DUASORB system which consists of two water-soluble polymers:
This system mixed with the already existing tears promotes the wetting of the cornea by intervening in the deficiency of both the aqueous and the mucous layer of the tear membrane. TEARS NATURALE II has a surface tension and viscosity similar to normal tears. The above properties in combination with its mucin-like action, allows the tear membrane breakdown time (BUT) to be restored to normal (15-25 seconds). Finally, the nasolacrimal excretion time of Hypromellose polymer has been shown to be much longer than that of other excipients, which allows prolonged action on the ocular surface.
How To Use

One to two drops in each eye as many times a day as needed to eliminate the symptoms of irritation or according to the doctor’s instructions.
If irritation persists, stop using eye drops and consult your doctor. Its instillation is allowed when the soft contact lenses are in the eye.

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