Aboca Grintuss Adult Syrup for Cough 180gr



Soothes cough, protecting mucosa!

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Aboca Grintuss Adult Syrup for Cough

Packaging: 180gr

Grintuss is made with honey and molecular complexes that protect and soothe the upper airways. It soothes a dry cough by reducing the irritation of the mucosa and helps hydrate and eliminate mucus in the event of a chesty cough. Grintuss is made with gluten free ingredients obtained through Organic Farming and has a pleasant taste. Grintuss protects the mucosa, soothes irritation and helps hydrate and remove mucus through the following mechanisms:

  • Barrier Effect: forms a protective film that adheres to the mucosa and protects it against contact with irritants
  • Mucoregulatory Action: helps hydrate and eliminate mucus
  • Lubricating Action: reduces the friction in the pharynx that triggers coughing

Grintuss modulates the cough without suppressing it, thereby respecting the important role of coughing as a defence of the upper airways.

Grintuss adult syrup is indicated for the treatment of either dry or chesty coughs in adults and children aged 12 and over.

How To Use

Recommended intake is 10 ml (2 dosage spoons) from two to four times per day, with the final dose just before going to sleep. Shake before use. Includes a dosage spoon. After use, close the bottle well and wash the dosage spoon thoroughly. After opening, use the product within three months.


Grintuss adult syrup is made with plant-based molecular complexes such as resins, polysasccharides and flavonoids. These substances, combined with honey, give the product its protective and soothing mucoadhesive properties and its pleasant taste.

• Honey*;
• Molecular complex with Resins, Polysaccharides and Flavonoids from Grindelia*, Ribwort plantain* and Helichrysum* (Poliresin®);
Titrated in polysaccharides (molecular weight > 20,000 daltons) ≥ 20%

Also contains: Cane sugar*; Water; Essential oils: Eucalyptus, Star anise, Lemon; Natural Lemon aroma; Gum arabic; Xanthan gum.

*Ingredient from Organic Farming

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