Scholl Gel Activ Work Woman Comfort Anatomic Insoles



They effectively relieve the pressure exerted on the legs, especially in cases of intense standing.

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Scholl Gel Activ Work Woman Comfort Anatomic Insoles


Scholl GelActiv Work Insoles work to effectively support the pressure of being on your feet all day at work. Scholl GelActiv insoles dual gel is proven to effectively absorb micro shocks and help reduce excessive pressure of walking or daily activities. It’s GelActiv technology provides superior shock absorption and cushioning performance with the ergonomically designed insert integrated in the insole. For best results, we recommend removing the existing shoe insoles and replacing with Scholl GelActiv Insoles. Place the Gel part facing downwards. Trim to size if necessary using scissors. Size: UK : 3-7.5 | EU : 35-40.5 | USA/ AU : 4-8.

How To Use

Remove the existing soles of your shoes. Cut the Scholl GelActiv ™ Work Comfort Insoles along the marked lines according to the size of your shoe. You can easily use the existing insoles of your shoes as a guide. Place the Scholl GelActiv ™ Work Comfort Insoles on your shoes, with the GEL side facing DOWN. Each bottom indicates which foot it is: “L” for the left, “R” for the right. Replace the soles when you notice signs of wear. Our suggestion is to do this every 6 months. To clean the soles, use a damp cloth with a little soap. Do not put under water.

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