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In the form of single dose ampoules, Physiodose respects the hygiene of the nasal cavity and allows easy and safe use.It is a sterile saline-free, non-injectable saline.

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Physiodose Physiological Saline Solution 60 Ampoules

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A healthy nose provides protection for the entire body. Regardless of the season, your age or where you live, your body has to fight off all kinds of external aggressive factors. The nasal mucosa is a natural barrier that helps fight against infectious agents (bacteria, virus, pollution, etc.). Mucosa and the impurities that it absorbs can stop it from working properly, leading to super infection of the entire ENT (ear, nose and throat)

How To Use

Physiodose can be used on a daily basis for nose and eye hygiene, from 1 to 6 times a day, depending on the case. Do not use the same ampoule for the nose and eyes. For the hygiene of the nasal cavity
By instillation or washing for a dry or stuffy nose. Tilt your head back. Carefully insert the tip of the vial into a nostril and gently squeeze the vial. Repeat in the other nostril. Lift your head to let the mucus run, then wipe off the excess. Do not blow your nose hard for 10 minutes after administration. In infants, instill the product with the least possible pressure to remove any risk of middle ear infection. For eye hygiene
Apply a few drops of solution to each eye, taking care not to touch the vial to the surface of the eye. Wipe off excess liquid with sterile gauze. Wait 15 minutes before using any other eye care product. For ear hygiene Rinse: For perfect ear hygiene, use PHYSIODOSE to remove solubilized cell deposits and rinse the external auditory canal after using a surfactant ear solution. Rinse the external auditory canal with the product. Use 1 vial of the product for both ears. Wipe off excess liquid with gauze. For cleaning wounds Rinse the wound, using the entire contents of the vial and being careful not to touch the wound with the vial. Wipe off excess product only from the intact area. For diluting inhaled products in the context of aerosol therapy Follow the instructions in the inhaler. Before using it in patients with severe respiratory or cardiovascular problems, consult your doctor.

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