Menopearl Menopause – Relief Food Supplement 28caps



Only Menopearl’s unique combination can provide women both comfort and beauty throughout menopause.

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Menopearl Menopause – Relief Food Supplement

Packaging: 28 Capsules

Menopearl was developed specifically to support women from the first signs of menopause. Only Menopearl, with its two high-quality ingredients MF11RCE® Red Clover Isoflavones and Hyaluronic Acid helps women in two ways:

  • It noticeably alleviates the typical symptoms of menopausal change, and
  • helps to maintain attractiveness by visibly tightening the complexion.

Scientific studies prove the effect, women feel the difference. Hormone-free!




How To Use

Take 1 tablet per day with something to drink or after a meal. Give Menopearl some time, because the effect does not start immediately. Menopearl should be taken for at least 2 months so that the supportive effect can develop. Menopearl is free of animal components and lactose.

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