Legami Chill Out Gel Eye Sleeping Mask – Panda


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The wonderful, best-selling eye mask from Legami will offer you moments of relaxation!

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The Legami Chill Out Gel Eye Mask – Panda will help you unwind and get a good night’s sleep and avoid panda eyes. Thanks to its dual function, it can be used hot or cold to aid relaxation and get some rest without distractions. Reusable with adjustable elastic for a comfortable fit.

How To Use

For heat therapy, heat in the microwave on a rotating plate at 500-600W for max 10 seconds. Remove the mask from the microwave; if necessary reheat it at intervals of 5 seconds until the desired temperature is reached. Do not exceed 30 seconds. Allow the mask to cool before use if too hot.
For cold relief, keep the mask in the freezer for 1-2 hours. Make sure the beads inside are soft, not frozen.
Use on the gel side for a more intense effect; for lighter relief place the soft side over the eyes.

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