Frezyderm Heavy Legs 125ml



For heavy, tired & swollen legs.

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Frezyderm Heavy Legs

Packaging: 125ml

This rich and refreshing cream provides intensive care for heavy, tired and swollen legs due to standing, fatigue and poor circulation. Its innovative formula reinforces microcirculation and increases the elasticity of the venous walls, reducing feelings of heaviness, burning as well as redness while reconstructing the skin.

Suitable for:

  • Tired, heavy and swollen legs due to standing, fatigue and poor circulation
  • Feeling of heaviness and burning because of pregnancy
  • Fluid retention in lower limbs

Dermatologically tested.

How To Use

Apply the cream by lightly massaging it onto the heels, ankles, calves applying slight pressure and working upwards.
Slight pressure on the ball of the foot helps improve venous circulation.
Putting your legs up for a few minutes accelerates relief.



Arnica Montana | Cupressus sempervirens | Polygonatum multiflorum: Flavanoid agents with decongestive, hydrating and emollient ingredients
Ficus carica | Citrus almond: Herbal extracts

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