Fito+ Hyaluronic & Nutripeptides Serum for Face, Eyes & Neck 30ml



Deep hydration, skin reconstruction and anti-aging treatment.

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Fito+ Hyaluronic & Nutripeptides Serum for Face, Eyes & Neck

Packaging: 30ml

Contains hyaluronic acid, the plant bioactive NUTRIPEPTIDES (from hydrolyzed rice protein) & RECOVERINE (from chestnut), pomegranate, grape, orange, honey, vitamin complex.
Hyaluronic acid is predominant in hydrating tissues and retaining water in them. The NUTRIPEPTIDES contained, derived from hydrolyzed rice protein, improve the function of the skin barrier, the tone and the radiance of the skin, while reducing wrinkles. The herbal bioactive RECOVERINE from chestnut has been selected for the pectin biopolymers that are responsible for cellular cohesion. Stimulates epidermal homeostasis and ensures a functional and effective epidermal barrier.

  • For dry skin
  • For ages 20-60 years.

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