Fito+ Basil Essential Oil 10ml



Basil (Ocimum basilicum) has a spicy and floral aroma.

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Fito+ Basil Essential Oil

Packaging: 10ml

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) has a spicy and floral aroma. It is a refreshing essential oil that inspires confidence and has a clarifying effect on the brain.

  • Use it while studying to improve concentration, alertness and memory retention.
  • Basil can also be beneficial for the respiratory and digestive system.
  • Helps regulate oiliness in the hair.

Basil essential oil goes well with Bergamot, Sage, Geranium and Grapefruit.

How To Use
  • Avoid eye contact. In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
  • Do not use them for internal use unless you have the advice of a doctor, pharmacist or experienced aromatherapist.
  • Take special care as some oils are unsuitable for babies and children.
  • For use during pregnancy or breast-feeding, consult your doctor.
  • Do not use them insoluble on your skin and of course before you use it for a first time, do an allergic reaction test.

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