Fillerina Plus Dermo-Cosmetic Filler Treatment 2x30ml (Grade 4)


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Intensive treatment of wrinkle filling and increase in cheekbone and lip volume.

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Fillerina Plus Dermo-Cosmetic Filler Treatment (Grade 4)

Packaging: 2x30ml

Fillerina Plus treatment is the first non-injectable dermo-cosmetic treatment to fill in wrinkles and increase the volume of the cheekbones and lips, which is completed in 15 days with easy application at home.
It is based on 8 patented Fillerina hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights, which effectively penetrate and deeply replenish the layers of the skin, based on Franz cells laboratory evaluation. In-vivo clinical evaluation of the results of the treatment records significant percentages of reduction of the depth and volume of wrinkles, correction of all facial features as well as increase of the volume of the cheekbones and lips. It also provides 24-hour hydration and activates cell metabolism. The patented application applicator allows us to apply the filler gel locally and to accurately target the time signs that concern us most.

Fillerina Plus Face Treatment is available in 2 different increasing concentrations, so that the appropriate one is selected according to the individual needs:
Grade 4: Deep wrinkles, intense skin relief and intense relaxation
Grade 5: Very deep wrinkles, very intense relief of the skin and very intense relaxation


  • 14 doses (2 ml) of Gel Filler.
  • 14 doses (2 ml) of Nourishing Film.
  • 2 precision applicators.
How To Use

We recommend drinking 2 glasses of water half an hour before application, as it enhances the action of hyaluronic acids
Thoroughly cleanse the skin of the face and neck
Pump out of the filler gel vial (1) with the special applicator 1 ml and apply a total of up to 2 ml filler gel locally on wrinkles, expression lines, cheekbones, lips and neck. Depending on the depth and extent of the wrinkles, apply a larger amount of filler gel to the spot
Leave on for up to 10 minutes locally and ideally we are in a relaxed position. The filler gel begins to be intensively absorbed in the spots
Then dab all over the face until the filler gel is completely absorbed, but not in circular motions. We start the tamponade before the filler gel is completely absorbed
Pump out of the nutrition film vial (2) with the special 1 ml applicator and apply a total of up to 2 ml of nutrition film on various parts of the face and neck. Spread with upward movements. Gives the skin a silky and soft texture and seals the result.


Filler gel:
8 Fillerina hyaluronic acids: 8 different molecular weights for intensive filler action, which penetrate skin and skin based on clinical evaluation with Franz Cells (400 Da, 800 Da, 1K Da, 5K Da, 50K Da, 200k Da, 2,000KDa, Crosspolymer)
Acetylhexapeptide 37: contributes to the transdermal circulation of water
Matrifull: stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin resulting in the gradual reconstruction of the skin

Nutrition film:
Xylitol, Vitamin E, Limnanthe oil, New Zealand Fern extract, Shea butter, Pseudoalteromonas Ferment extract

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