Dexeryl Emollient Cream for Dry/Atopic Skin 250gr



Protecs the skin & treats the signs and symptoms of dryness especially in certain skin conditions.

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Dexeryl Emollient Cream for Dry/Atopic Skin

Packaging: 250gr

Dexeryl Emollient Cream is suitable for dry spots and symptoms of dry skin. It acts against dehydration but also as a barrier against external attacks. Thanks to its composition, it limits and prevents irritations. Specially designed to meet the needs of dry skin of the whole family, Dexeryl emollient cream is a medical technology product indicated as a skin protection cream for the treatment of signs and symptoms of dry skin, especially in certain skin conditions (such as atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis, etc. .a.).

DEXERYL® Cream is designed to treat the signs and symptoms of dryness:

  • The film-forming effect of white soft paraffin and liquid paraffin::
    • naturally prevents evaporation and thus prevents dehydration (water loss),
    • has a protective shield effect against external attacks.
  • In addition, the moisturizing effect of glycerol helps to maintain the skin’s moisture balance.

Thanks to its composition, DEXERYL® cream also reduces and prevents irritation. Free from parabens, improved composition, Dexeryl effectively moisturizes and repairs your skin on the face and body, for an immediate feeling of relief.

  • Glycerol: moisturizing effect
  • Vaseline – paraffin: protective effect

Care for the fragile skin of your baby or infant, Dexeryl emollient cream is recommended from birth.

  • It restores the function of the skin barrier
  • Deep and long-lasting hydration
  • Excellent tolerance for long-term treatments


How To Use

Apply a thin layer to the face and/or body, on clean, dry skin, once or twice a day, or more if necessary (up to 6 applications a day)

Cream for external use.


Glycerol, white soft paraffin, liquid paraffin, glycerol monostearate, stearic acid, polydimethylcyclo-siloxane, silicone oil, macrogol 600, trolamin, propyl parahydroxy-benzoate (E216), purified water.

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