Curaprox Be You Apple & Aloe Vera Toothpaste 60ml



Apple + Aloe Vera – Make brushing extraordinary!

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Curaprox Be You Apple & Aloe Vera Toothpaste

Packaging: 60ml

We explored flavour combinations. And we discovered apple, aloe vera and fresh mint. Extraordinary. Explore the unknown… you never know what you might find. ‘Be you’.
The formula – freshness, herbs, oral health:
Fluoride is a must. Hydroxyapatite and glucose oxidase, along with natural ingredients, ensure an enzymatic whitening effect that’s gentle on your teeth. And xylitol, birch sugar, tastes sweet as it strengthens your teeth and tackles bacteria. Extracts of echinacea, bitter orange, devil’s claw and Indian pennywort support your mucus membranes and stop inflammation. Plus provitamin B5, which supports the formation of new cells. No SLS, no triclosan, no micro plastic. RDA approx 50. And the power beads? They contain a powerful dose of menthol.

How To Use

Brush carefully on a daily basis: Apply a strip of 2 cm to the toothbrush for each brushing. Brush 3 times daily after each meal. Brush vertically into the tooth, from the gums to the top of the tooth. Careful brushing takes about 3 minutes. Use only by persons over 16 years of age. Do not swallow.

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