“Positive” pregnancy test. And now what?

The first, after the positive pregnancy test, an appointment with the gynecologist confirms the pregnancy, but also the “chemistry” between the expectant mother and the doctor. In order for everything to go well and constructively from the very first meeting, and not to stumble upon the joy but also the anxiety, which the occasion justifies, prepare properly: take a pencil and paper, prepare a list of questions and ask answers to critical issues for you .
Choosing a private maternity hospital is the only way?
If, for example, your doctor is a professor or a full-time or associate university professor, you may be able to give birth at the university clinic of the hospital where he or she works. If you work exclusively with private maternity hospitals, it is good to know from the beginning not only the fee of your doctor, but also the cost of childbirth and hospitalization in the private institution.
Will she make every effort to have a normal birth? In a country where caesarean section is the norm, not the exception, as in other European countries, you should know his position on the issue, but also his experience in normal births.
Will he work with a specific midwife or – at least – is it positive for you to take “painless” childbirth classes with the psychoprophylactic method? If you want to experience normal childbirth and prepare not only for childbirth but also for breastfeeding, the midwife is an essential partner, at least for the last period of pregnancy, and not just during childbirth. (Midwives and obstetricians give birth in most countries of the developed world, where the doctor is called only in high-risk cases.) If your doctor does not work with a midwife or you do not have good communication with her, you can contact the Association of Midwives – Obstetricians and choose to work with a member.
Will she have the mood and the ability to monitor you safely throughout pregnancy, if you suffer from a chronic illness? It is necessary to assure you that he will be cooperating with your treating doctor.
Do you find him easily? Simply put: does he or a partner answer your calls immediately or, at least after a while?

You should also know:
If you are a smoker, what is the safest way to quit smoking?
Can you continue exercising? Explain in detail to the doctor the type of exercise. Do you run or stretch? Pilates or kick boxing?
Are sexual intercourse safe throughout pregnancy?
Can you occasionally consume a small amount of alcohol?
Do you eat what you want and as much as you want?
Discuss the proper diet of the pregnant woman and ask him to set a limit on your weight gain. If, for example, you are already overweight, you need to be more strict with your dietary choices.

Nausea ahead
Do you have nausea? The good news: According to a recent study by the US National Institutes of Health, a pregnant woman with a history of miscarriage and nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is 50% to 75% less likely to have a miscarriage.
Nausea usually subsides by 16 or, at the latest, 20 weeks.
Nausea prefers an empty stomach, so prefer small and frequent meals, as well as salty than sweet flavors.
Choose dry foods and avoid fatty foods and soups. A toast at the critical moment works wonders.
So that people do not turn around before your day starts, take your breakfast in bed: ideally, a toast or a cracker before anything else is the safest choice.
Strong odors, especially when coming from the kitchen, can bring them up and down your stomach. So make sure you ventilate your home frequently.
Dehydration is a bad ally. Make sure you are hydrated properly by drinking -mainly- water at regular intervals and on a full stomach.
Foods rich in vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), such as bread, whole grains, eggs, avocados, peanuts, meat and fish, are allies in preventing nausea.
Prefer natural antiemetics, such as ginger, mint tea and lemon. In summer, even an ice cube that melts in the mouth relieves nausea.
Go to sleep. Sleep is the best medicine in this case as well.
Caution in late pregnancy: If you vomit several times during the day, and because of this condition you become malnourished and dehydrated, you should contact your doctor immediately.