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Power Health Free Nose Spray 20ml

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Conjunctivitis is an annoying condition characterized by “bloating” and runny nose. It can be accompanied by other symptoms (stinging, tickling, itchy nose, sneezing, fever, ear discomfort) and is mainly due to either a common cold (viral rhinitis) or allergic rhinitis.
Βecause the patient is forced to breathe only through the mouth, conjunctivitis can cause problems in the upper respiratory system, such as e.g. dry mouth or cracking of the lips, while it is not uncommon to lead to inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis).

in the common cold, the intake of Vitamin C in doses of 1gr / day, has a tonic effect due to its antioxidant action.

At the same time, vitamin C enhances the formation of antibodies for the body’s defense.

Studies have shown that it reduces the duration of the common cold.

Also, the combination of Vitamin C with zinc has even better effects on the symptoms of the common cold.

Finally, propolis, a natural material collected by bees from coniferous trees, with the main active flavonoids, strengthens the body’s defenses against inflammation and microbial infections.

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