Sun Care Packs


The sun offers many benefits. However, we must be sparing towards it because of the UV rays that have harmful effects on the health of the skin, as they accelerate its aging, can cause irritation and in the long run lead to skin cancer.

A large percentage of people do not wear sunscreen before leaving home but prefer to go to the beach to use it. Also, many do not know how to repeat every 2 hours.

Another issue is the amount you use. Dermatologists find that the average amount of sunscreen we wear is so small that it makes the SPF 50+ protection index behave like SPF 20. 

In fact, most of us put sunscreen in less than half the amount you need to use to enjoy the protection mentioned in the product.

So how to use it properly?We need to put an amount of sunscreen that  orresponds to 6 teaspoons throughout our body. It is important to wear sunscreen 30 minutes before going out to make sure it dries well. Then, as soon as we settle on the beach, we will have to put it back on to ensure solid and uniform coverage. From there, we have to renew it every 2 hours. If we swim or wipe with our towel (after
a batch of rackets), then we should repeat. A practical rule is that a pack of sunscreen should last only 10 days when exposed to high UV radiation.

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