Oily Skin

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If you have oily skin with a tendency to acne or if you have acne it is important to wear and choose special sunscreens for acne so that they do not burden your skin more. In general, it is important to avoid sunscreens with oils and choose “oil free” or mattifying sunscreens.

Τhe sun manages to skillfully camouflage acne. This is because marks and imperfections find the best hiding place under the bronze color that summer tan gives us. What corresponds to some extent to reality is that the sun in combination with sea salt can have a mild anti-inflammatory effect on acne scars. But this benefit lasts only until the end of the summer. As soon as we leave the beaches, we also give up the dream of flawless uniform skin, since the sebaceous glands start to function again and the oiliness returns.

A sunscreen with a very rich composition that leaves a very oily texture, can clog pores and create dark spots, triggering even greater acne flare-ups. However, at Fotopharmacy you can choose specially designed sun protection products, suitable for acne prone skin, which not only offer a wide range of sun protection but also have a sebum-regulating effect, ie control or reduce oiliness and are hypoallergenic and non-itchy (ie do not clog pores). skin and do not create dark spots).