Sun Protection

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The sun offers many benefits. However, we must be sparing towards it because of the UV rays that have harmful effects on the health of the skin, as they accelerate its aging, can cause irritation and in the long run lead to skin cancer.

Interesting to know
-The Sun Protection Factor SPF of a sunscreen “measures” how well the skin is protected from sunburn. If we assume that our skin turns red after 20 minutes of sun exposure, without protection, then under ideal conditions, a sunscreen with SPF30 index will protect it for 6 hours (20×30). However, because ideal conditions only exist in a laboratory environment, dermatologists advise us to renew our sunscreen every 2 hours, because in fact we apply less than half of the recommended amount of a sunscreen and it is still lost when we sweat, swim, or lie down. on the towel.

-Wide range filters
It is a combination of organic and chemical filters aimed at protecting the skin from both UVB and UVA rays.
The SPF index refers only to the degree of protection from UVB. Sunscreens that contain a wide range of filters, indicate on their packaging another indicator, the PPD for the protection provided by UVA rays.

-One sunscreen with SPF50 blocks 98% of UV while one with SPF30 blocks 96.7%. Although the difference seems small, scientists point out that in the long run this extra 1.3% significantly reduces the amount of UV radiation received by the skin, especially the sensitive one.

-In recent years, parabens, a group of chemicals used as preservatives in the compositions of many cosmetics and sunscreens, have been implicated as hormonal disruptors and have been linked to an increase in the proportion of hormone-dependent cancers (eg breast and prostate). Although the European Union does not classify them as banned ingredients, more and more cosmetics companies are now excluding them as a precaution from the composition of their products.

Sun is a source of energy and life for our body. It is necessary for bone development;
it promotes cell metabolism and psychological wellness. Excessive exposure to sun and without the necessary protection may have from mild to very serious consequences. Protect your skin during all the seasons of the year with suitable  sunscreen products which can be found at Fotopharmacy and offer it high protection.